Physio Consultation & Price

Standard physio consultations are for the daily patients experiencing discomfort and body and muscle pains.

You can come without referralfrom any medical practitioner. If referral has been provided, please bring it along to your consultation to allow us to communicate with your treating practitioner. Patients with health funds participating under HICAPS will benefit from their corresponding private health care insurance. They will only have to pay a Gap Amount each visit, and the rest is deducted automatically from their health fund rebates. Examples are MBF, Medibank Private, HBA, TUH, HCF, AHM, NIB, and Credicare.


TreatmentType Justin Stephanie Leslie Rick Sally
Initial Consultation $92 $78 $78 $200 $80
Subsequent Consultation $82 $63 $63 $100 $70
 Pre-Paid 5 Sessions $369.00 $283.50 $283.50 $450.00 $315.00
Pilates Class* Per 6 sessions N/A $150 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Treatment Type Jack(Chiropractor) Gary(Dietitian) George(Acupuncturist) Johnny(Podiatrist)
Initial Consultation $71 $80 $70 $70
Subsequent Consultation $51 $65 $55 $60
 Pre-Paid 5 Sessions $229.50 N/A N/A N/A