Physiotherapy provides treatment for disorders that affect your body’s movements whether it be muscles, joints or nerves. An injury in these structures can make every day activities painful leaving you in a debilitating state. Physiotherapy aims to heal and restore the injured structures so that you can regain control of your life.

PhysiotherapistS are masters of movement and specialise in treating movement disorders. We listen to your concerns and evaluate your problems. We guide and involve you in the treatment process so that you truly understand your condition and it’s recovery.

Our Treatment service includes:

  • Education and advice regarding your condition and anatomy involved.
  • Hands-on physical therapy treatment techniques to improve joint movement.
  • Various massage modalities to relieve muscle tension
  • Stretching techniques that will improve joint and muscle flexibility
  • Individually tailored exercise programs that target your specific dysfunction whether it be weakness, tightness, balance or coordination.
    • Exercise programs are monitored by our physiotherapists to ensure proper form and challenge.
    • Our physiotherapists will progress these exercises to further improve your capabilities in sports or work.

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  1. 提供典型的物理治療
  2. 物理治療師會綜合評估您的情況,並告知物理治療是否能改善病情
  3. 物理治療師會制定治療計劃,當中列明病因、所需時間和療法
  4. 所有的療程均由物理治療師親自徒手進行治療,定期檢驗並告知您的復原進度
  5. 是 BUPA, MEDIBANK 和 HBA 等等私人醫療保險公司的特約醫師


  • 不確定物理治療師是否對病情有説明,需要尋找一位合格的物理治療師
  • 只需要一般的物理治療,緩解輕微疼痛和不適
  • 急性受傷後所需要的長期保養維持性治療

일반 물리치료는 복합적인 증상 없이 통증과 근육통을 겪는 일반 환자분들께 적합합니다.

  1. 일반적인 물리치료 제공
  2. 물리치료사가 세심하게 몸 상태를 점검한 후, 물리치료가 효과가 있을지 여부를 알려드림
  3. 물리치료사가 문제의 원인 및 치료기간, 치료방법이 담긴 치료 계획서 제공
  4. 환자분의 회복을 돕고자 모든 물리치료는 손으로 이루어지며 일대일 맞춤 치료로 진행됨
  5. BUPA, Medibank Private, HBA 회원사 특약 의료 기관

다음과 같은 경우에 권합니다.

  • 물리치료가 효과가 있을지 확신이 안 서서 전문 물리치료사에게 확인하고 싶은 경우
  • 가벼운 통증에 대해 일반적인 치료만 필요한 경우
  • 지속적인 관리가 필요하거나 최초의 집중 치료가 끝나고 휴식기가 필요한 경우